We are currently recruiting therapists and program managers from Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health agencies (only) for the following current studies!

Strategies and Outcomes Study (SOS)

As part of 4KEEPS, we have developed a Community Practice Assessment tool for therapists to report on the therapeutic strategies they deliver in sessions. In this phase, we are interested in understanding which EBP strategies lead to positive client outcomes.

We are currently recruiting programs with therapists who have been trained in at least one PEI evidence-based practice (EBP) for children and youth. From enrolled programs, we will be recruiting therapists and families to participate. Therapist participants will report on their delivery of EBP strategies to 4-6 children over multiple sessions. Families will be interviewed to track children’s mental health outcomes. Therapists and families will receive gift cards for their participation.

If you are a program leader of a program currently delivering at least 1 PEI EBP for families, we invite you to click below to learn more about this opportunity!